To the right is a picture of Farfel. Farfel is a cat who is 17-18 years old, who ran lose near the Cincinnati Zoo. He was abouted in the 1980's and has since leaving Cincinnati spent five and a half years in Utah, and four and a half years in New Mexico before coming recently to Illinois.


To the left is a picture of Whitey. Whitey was a stray born in 1979 (??) in Cincinati. He was a stray who roamed in an area of several square miles near the Cincinnati Zoo, until he was adopted in the 1980's. After spending about eight of his formative years in Cincinnati, he has lived for five and a half years in Utah, four and a half years in New Mexico and now in Illinois.

Carol Meyers

Lombard, IL 60148

People have seen fit to come here times.

This page was created November 19, 1997.

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