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Jonathan Kreisle

Jonathan Kreisle the "Unix Guru" born in Germany but adopted early to grow up in Louisville. Made his "fatal mistake" in California and then moved to New Mexico to make his second "near fatal mistake" (--- He said "DOEAL, my salad days when green is my envy" ---). Given his nickname, "Dogbutt" because of the great picture used on his top secret security badge. He watched as the rest of his department resigned to move on to greener pastures and the made his third "fatal mistake" of getting into management (--- He said "Old men manage, is this promotion a career path??" ---). He now leads his team on the way to year 2K compliance. Below his world famous picture from his security badge. Yes Jonathan Kreisle a good and hopefully still a friend.

John Peters

John Peters a long time employee of GATX, starting in 1959. He is a natural for what he does now, namely doing Adabas and Natural installs and maintenence. He has a cool and sharp wit (especially for his age).

People have seen fit to come here times.

This page was created November 19, 1997.

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