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The Vagabond Meyers

Hi, you have found the home page of Dave and Carol Meyers as we now travel along the information superhighway . We will soon be moving to Virginia after two years in Lombard, Illinois (near Chicago). After leaving Cincinnati (in May of 1987) for respites in Smithfield (UT) (for 5.5 years till Jan., 1993) and Rio Rancho (NM) (for 4.5 years till August 1997).

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Why We Have Turkey on Thanksgiving: A ThanksGiving Story
T.G.I.F.: A New Meaning
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David Meyers

Carol Meyers

Lombard, IL 60148

Whitey and Farfel |Alan Fraser, Crazy like a Fox |Jonathan Kreisle, the Unix Guru |John Peters, the ADABAS man |Miles Johnson, the PC Provaricator |Alka Schmidt |Terry Pensel, His Last Good Picture |Chris Zawadzki, He Rose Through Attrition |Mike Ferris, Shows Where Hot Air Leads
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